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Mr Hacker’s mission is simple: To help all the hackers who love their work and want to make the world a safer and more secure place.

Mr Hacker's DenThe digital world dominates our lives in the form of smart phones, smart TVs, smart cars, tablets, computers, pacemakers, medical equipment, baby monitors and security cameras in all public and private spaces. Soon your fridge, microwave, washing machine, dishwasher or smart toaster will spy on you as IoT is integrated in household appliances. It is a tremendous challenge to create and maintain a safe, and secure space for the people to enjoy the benefits all these technologies bring.

The blood in the vein of all digital devices is data.

The mere accumulation of this data from all the digital devices we use in our every day life, has made just a handful of organisations and individuals extremely powerful and wealthy. This is plainly dangerous and a massive security risk whose true consequences are not so apparent to the general public.

Mr Hacker believes that everyone must be free from interference and maintains that the privacy of  the individual must be preserved. No one has the right to concentrate all power, money or knowledge in their hands and enslave human beings by controlling them, making them wage slaves or infringing their privacy and security. Mr Hacker believes the true power must be in the hands of the people. The current model of the client/sever system at the heart of all private and public institutions, has resulted in the undue concentration of power in the hands of a few to the detriment of the many.

Hack passwordsThe master/slave, server/client model which has penetrated much of our modern society, is broken and must be fixed.

The balance of power must shift from the a few at top to the many in the interests of security and privacy. Too much concentrated power is not only highly corruptive but also can be a big security risk and and will also limit the freedom and privacy of the people.

Recent Equifax, Yahoo and many other unreported successful hackings, exposed the wanton lack of security of hundreds and millions of people’s personal data. Mr Hacker believes in the Blockchain,  the wholly distributed computing power enabling and empowering the people by giving them a voice.

Until the Blockchain supersedes all client/server computing in the world and true security and transparency prevails, Mr Hacker believes there is work to be done. That is why we intend to help all true hackers of the world who want to enable the people by discovering and exposing dangerous mighty servers and databases holding hundreds of billion units of data.

Sleeves up and let get the hacking game started. (1)

  1. The purpose of this website is to educate the general public and the cyber security community and facilitate best security practices. Our motto is: “If you leave the doors or windows of your house open, you practically invite the thieves and intruders in.”