About Mr Hacker

Life can be tough for Mr Hacker but he just loves what he is doing

Mr Hacker's DenMr Hacker lives in an undisclosed dark, lonely basement in London with a bunch of computers, laptops, mobile phones and multiple monitors using an encrypted hacked gigabit wireless connection taken from a large private corporation in the neighbourhood. He spends most of his time in front of computer monitors tapping fast on 2 different keyboards and sometimes switching between multiple computers using a KVM switch occasionally sipping strong coffee from a cup with a skeleton danger sign on it.

Mr Hacker finds little time cooking and almost always feeds on coffee and dried fruits and nuts.  Due to potential security risks, he never orders pizza or takeaways.  To prevent the discovery of his den by any unwanted forces, he disables the mobile network and uses a secure, encrypted VOIP app on his mobile to make phone calls which are completely anonymised and if some dares tracking his calls, they will end up in a an IP address in a remote island in Bermuda or the Bahamas. You get the image people have about hackers which may or may not be true or is  a mix-up of the real world and the underworld.

However truth to be told, Mr Hacker has not done anything illegal or so he believes and instead has managed to find lots of vulnerabilities in computer networks, web applications, payment gateways, security computer systems and embedded digital devices.  Pen testing and hacking into company networks with the permission of the CIO has been one of the main pursuits of Mr Hacker.

Sometimes he has hacked into vulnerable networks just to prove their vulnerabilities but informed the company and helped them plug the security hole and they just loved him for that and then asked him to do more of it and get paid.  However Mr Hacker is a firm believer in social, economic and digital justice and has always helped the weak against the powerful as clearly stated in his Hacker’s Mission Statement and sticks to Hacker’s Universal Code of Conduct approved in the first DefCon conference by the first United Hacker’s F-Society Congress in 1875 in a yet undisclosed deserted and disused underground station in London. (1)

  1. Pun intended.